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The week of

Black Friday

has already started and we already have a lot of important discounts on technology.

But since

video games




are very important in themselves, we have decided to make a topic dedicated only to them.



no longer only involve video game consoles like

the PS4 or Xbox

, but also products like



or mechanical keyboards or gaming monitors with high resolutions and refresh rates.

This is all a major mess if you don't know the big picture, but that's what we're here for.

In this piece we have highlighted 30 products that we consider that not only have

a good price

for the

Black Friday


, but that they will also fulfill their function wonderfully.

If your children, nephews, grandchildren ... or yourself have an interest in the world of video games, this is your moment.

We ask you for a little understanding, yes:

the offers change from day to day,

and almost hour to hour, so some link may not work or some price has gone up or down.

We are updating it at the best possible rate.

Black Friday gaming and video game deals

PlayStation Plus subscription 1 year - 44.95 euros

Code for 12 months of PlayStation Plus, necessary to play online and to get free games every month.

Fully compatible with PS4 and PS5.

Reduced to 44.95 euros


FIFA 21 for PS4 - Reduced to 39.90 euros

One of the best video games of the year and a must for any football fan.

It includes new game modes and updated templates, as well as a free update to the PS5 version.

Reduced to 39.90 euros


NBA 2K21 - 32.99 euros

Not a soccer player?

Nothing happens, the best basketball game of the year is also on sale.

Its graphics are impressive and you have a game mode to create your own player that will take you hours and hours to finish.

You can also play against friends, online or at home.

Reduced to 32.99 euros


Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition - 9.90 euros

For this price, this is a real bargain.

Horizon along with its expansions for less than a cubata cost in the age of confinement.

It is one of the best PS4 games and now that the cold is coming, its icy landscapes full of mechanical animals accompany it very well.

Reduced to 9.90 euros


GTA V for PS4 - 17 euros

A classic if ever there was.

If you haven't played it, you have to, as its mix of action, exploration and bad temper is fantastic.

Its online mode has millions of players and this edition includes millions of dollars to spend as soon as you start your game.

Reduced to 17 euros.

Red Dead Redemption 2 for PS4 - 24.99 euros

One of the most exciting video games on PS4, the best way to fire the console if you haven't played it yet.

This action packed, dramatic open world cowboy game can last you through the Christmas holidays and beyond.

Reduced to 24.99 euros


Watch Dogs Legion - 42 euros

One of the most important releases this fall, which does not mean that it is already with a good offer.

In this game, you can be anyone who inhabits their open world and do the heck to the established power with your hacker skills.

You can even play like a grandmother.

Reduced from 69.99 to 42 euros

The Last of Us Part II - 36.90 euros

Possibly the best video game of all of 2020. Ellie's story is a full-blown drama: full of violence and moments that feel like a punch.

A great way to say goodbye to your PS4, or to brand new your PS5, because it has improved graphics.

On offer at 36.90 euros

Nintendo Switch Lite - 210 euros

The latest console on the Nintendo market, perfect for your children not to monopolize the TV when they want to play Fortnite or when you want to play Mario Kart.

If you like Nintendo games, which are not in any other console, you will not find a Switch with

an offer at 210 euros

or joke.

Luigi's Mansion 3 - 39.90 euros

Nintendo almost never downgrades its games, but when it does, it does so for a good sum and with must-have titles.

In this game, Mario's brother fights against ghosts who have kidnapped his friends.

It's full of humor and clever puzzles and it looks scary.

It is reduced to 39.90 euros


Xbox One S 1TB - 189 euros

You will never find an Xbox as cheap as this.

Although it is not the latest model, it continues to play all the games that the new console has right now.

If you add the monthly GamePass, you will not have to buy a single game.

Reduced from 250 euros to 189 euros.

Patuoxun 3200 DPI gaming mouse - 10.87 euros

To play computer video games well, you need a good-sized and accurate mouse that is lightweight and has almost no lag in motion.

This is not necessarily synonymous with an expensive mouse.

This is

reduced to 10.87 euros


Rii RK100 gaming keyboard - 11.55 euros

The same can be said for gaming keyboards.

Although there are very good and very expensive ones on the market, the basic needs can be perfectly covered by cheaper models like this one from Rii: RGB lighting, quality keys, macro shortcuts, numeric keyboard ...

It is very low: only 11.55 euros


Beexcelent GM 1 gaming headset - 16.99 euros

Also important in all gaming equipment, good headphones that soundproof, have a microphone and are comfortable to wear for many hours.

Better if they are not wireless, so that they do not have to be charged, as is the case with these.

Reduced to 16.99 euros


Mpow wireless gaming headphones - 54 euros

If what you are looking for is a wireless gaming headset, to be able to play lying on the sofa with nothing in between, look no further.

These are comfortable and have a fairly powerful receiver, as well as being compatible with a computer or console alike.

Reduced to 54 euros


Adec gaming chair - 69.99 euros

Yes, there are also gaming chairs, which are office chairs more designed for comfort and spending half hours lying down instead of upright to work.

If you think it is silly, ask your child if he wants one and you may end up buying this one,

which is reduced to 69.99 euros.

Wireless controller for PS4 Jamswall - 24.79 euros

Official PS4 controllers are quite expensive, so many times it is convenient to resort to third parties to cover the need.

In this case, we are dealing with a controller that is not only compatible with PC and PS4, but is also wireless and has a fully functional touch panel.

Reduced to 24.79 euros


Logitech G502 SE Hero gaming mouse - 39.90 euros

Without a doubt, one of the five best gaming mice on the market: precise, light, with good software support, with an amazing design and with years and years of use ahead, because they last a long time.

Its discount is incredible: from 90 to 39.90 euros


NitroPC gaming desktop computer- 589 euros

A computer to play Fortnite, Apex Legends, Minecraft or Valorant to perfection, much better than in a room.

It comes fully equipped, from network card to graphics card, through RAM, hard drives and processor.

It also has RGB lighting.

Reduced to 589 euros.

ASUS TUF gaming laptop - 749 euros

Do you need a laptop to play games, but also to study, work in video editing, do data simulations or use 3D graphics?

You're in luck: this ASUS computer is at an unbeatable price and comes equipped with good graphics, a processor per day and is not too big for a 15-inch FullHD screen.

Reduced to 749 euros.

Seagate 1TB external hard drive - 47.99 euros

Does the console run out of space for all the video games you have installed?

The solution is this 1TB external hard drive, the same space or more than you have on the console itself.

You plug it in and the console does everything, you only need to copy the games you want there.

A bargain with this discount to 47.99 euros


128GB memory card special for Nintendo Switch - 21.99 euros

It may have happened to you: you buy a memory card to put it to use and it doesn't work well due to a specific incompatibility or lack of a feature.

If you want to expand the memory of your Nintendo Switch, something more than recommended, this is the best possible memory.

Reduced to 21.99 euros


24-inch LG gaming monitor - 109 euros

We put you in a situation: your son or daughter wants to play the console and you want to watch TV, you argue, you impose yourself, your partner is going to cry and you end up without watching TV.

You sound familiar?

The solution: a cheap but sturdy gaming monitor from LG that costs nothing and you can plug in consoles or the computer without problem.

Reduced to 109 euros


Samsung 32-inch curved 2K monitor - 299 euros

If you want to play the new PS5 or Xbox Series consoles like God, or connect your computer to have the best possible graphics, this is your monitor: good brand, 2K resolution, curved, with a refresh rate of 240hz, HDR10, FreeSync ... We could continue, but we'd better leave you the price:

reduced to 299 euros


43-inch 4K HiSense TV - 282 euros

If what you are looking for is something bigger and with 4K resolution, this HiSense TV with all the necessary features to play can come in handy.

Manufactured in 2020, with 43 inches and with a very affordable price.

It is reduced to 282 euros


Gaming Trust GXT Speakers - 35.99 euros

If you buy a monitor for your son or daughter to play the console, you may also need speakers, since most monitors do not come with them.

Nothing happens, there are quality models with a very good price, as is the case with these, which are

reduced to 59.99 to 35.99 euros.

Steering wheel for PC and PS4 Logitech G920 - 199 euros

If you want to play driving games seriously, this is not only the best steering wheel out there for computers, but it also includes a set of pedals to change gears, it is compatible with PS4 and PS5 (in case you want to play Gran Turismo like it is due) and it

is lowered an outrage: from 400 to 200 euros


PS5 controller charger - 14.99 euros

If you're one of the lucky few who has been able to buy a PS5 this year, you may need a charger for your controller, which has a fairly short battery life.

We have a solution: this charger is very cheap and effective and works with a remote, in case you can't find the official one that is out of stock everywhere.

It costs only 14.99 euros.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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