The police have put out a strict response policy to the spread of fake news related to Corona 19 and the subsequent leakage of personal information.

The National Police Agency announced today (22nd) that "we are confirming illegal activities related to the spread of false information and leaked personal information," and "we will take a strict response by tracking and arresting not only the first producers but also malicious intermediaries."

The National Police Agency recently designated the Seodaemun Police Station in Seoul as the responsible investigative office and instructed the first spreaders to be tracked as the number of confirmed cases exceeded 800 per day, mainly on social media, or when fake news that looked like a notice inside a medical institution spread.

In addition, for illegally buying and selling a list of accessors to multi-use facilities containing personal information, the Chungnam Provincial Police Agency was designated as the responsible investigative office to investigate the participants.

The police investigated 170 cases related to the spread of corona 19 false information and the leakage of personal information, and arrested 269 people so far. 

(Photo = Yonhap News TV, Yonhap News)