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Galaxy Tab A7 is presented as a new iteration in the sector of entry tablets and after a few days with it, it is clear that it could dominate this market.

Its commitments are understood by setting the framework of its price and it complies in everything it contributes.

The only downside is precisely another frame: the one that surrounds the device.

Apple and Samsung continue to bet on very high-end tablets capable of replacing -as best they can- a laptop.

They are powerful devices, of impossible resolutions and expensive.

A lot.

The replacement of a laptop also goes by price.

However, they coexist with a small town that now and always resists the invader: economic devices that refuse to disappear and provide the same in a reduced version.

They do not aspire to become a computer without a keyboard and that is precisely why they have a reason for being.

Galaxy Tab A7 may be the Asterix of this range.

Its body combines plastic, glass and aluminum in a sober and elegant design, without any fanfare.

Visually it is difficult to find its own personality: it is a tablet that could be any other.

It goes unnoticed just enough not to disturb.

It is available in three matte shades: silver, dark gray and gold.

The rear only has a small bezel about a centimeter thick, the Samsung logo and an 8-megapixel lens that, as has been the case for some time in the company's devices, protrudes slightly.

It is the only frivolity that is allowed;

a tiny oasis in an aluminum desert.

On the front is the screen, which only loses prominence because of an exaggerated frame.

It is true that there must be room for the fingers, which will have to hold on to something, and the front cameras (5 megapixels) but between the 5: 3 ratio and these edges there will be series and movies in which there will be more free space than occupied by the fiction.

For the rest, the panel (10.4-inch TFT, 2,000 x 1,200 FullHD +) defends itself with ease;

brightness, resolution and image quality will meet the needs of whoever buys it.

In this case, the recipe for the magic potion that gives it that extra compared to its rivals is to remember its price: for 229 euros starting (and that if there are no offers), it is difficult to find higher quality options.

The sound, which comes from four speakers, also stands out, both for quality and power, although both only go hand in hand to a certain extent.

At a very high volume level the sound suffers and loses some clarity.

In any case, it will rarely be necessary to get to the point where this occurs, because setting the tablet to half its sound capacity should be more than enough for any audiovisual session.

Its 476 grams are not heavy - neither Asterix nor Obélix;

In this regard, it is Ideafix- and they allow you to hold the device in your hands during a video marathon without getting tired.

With its barely 7 millimeters thick it can boast of tipin.

In the guts we find a 2 GHz octa-core processor, a 7,040 mAh battery, 3 GB of RAM and 32 or 64 GB of storage that can be expanded up to 1 TB with microSD cards.

Fair and necessary ... which in the case of space for applications and documents is closer to what is fair than what is necessary.

The performance is perfect and both processor and RAM are adequate for their price and use.

The battery, meanwhile, provides enough autonomy for a series marathon and, in general, it will last for several days of normal use (watch a chapter, browse for a while, browse YouTube and forget it on a table until the next day).

The 32 GB base, as we said, can be enough for many, but the ideal would have been from 64 and, in this way, allow the download of a powerful video library for trips, vacations or whatever is considered necessary.

Luckily, it can be fixed with efficient management - seen series, erased series - or with a card.

Cameras on tablets are like the turn signal on a Mercedes: they are there because they have to be, but you rarely see someone using them.

The one in the Tab A7 will rarely be taken for little more than a specific photo or video calls and, when it happens, it will do its job without anyone thinking about it again, which is exactly what is asked of a device of these characteristics.

The front, for its part, recognizes faces quite well (the only way to biometric unlock the device), although its horizontal arrangement means that it does not always work the first time if we take it vertically.

Autonomy, screen, power, sound ... Galaxy Tab A7 is not the best tablet on the market in any of these aspects and despite this it is a magnificent -and affordable- option because it is good enough in all of them.

It is irreducibly Gallic.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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