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spread of Corona 19 in Korea has not subsided.

The number of new confirmed cases was recorded for four days in a row, and the quarantine authorities predict that if this trend is the case, the number of confirmed cases per day will reach 400 next week and 600 at the beginning of next month.

There is a situation of concern about a nationwide pandemic beyond the first and second periods.

Reporter Je Hee-won.

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were 386 new cases of Corona 19 in Korea, 262 from Seoul metropolitan area.

In particular, 156 people, close to half of the new confirmed cases, were concentrated in Seoul, the most outbreak exceeding the end of August, when the second epidemic in the metropolitan area was in full swing.

69 people, including students, employees, and families related to Noryangjin Goshi Academy, were confirmed, and new infections were confirmed in all 25 autonomous districts in Seoul, including 41 in Seocho-gu sauna and 11 in Jongno-gu Seoul National University Hospital.

With double-digit confirmed cases in Gangwon, Chungnam, and Gyeongnam, the number of confirmed cases in non-metropolitan areas also approached 100.

It is a form of simultaneous spread of collective infections crossing the area.

The quarantine authorities warned that if they fail to block the spread, there could be more than 400 new confirmed cases a day next week and 600 at the beginning of the next month when the SAT is held.

[Lim Sook-young/Central Defense Countermeasure Headquarters: The corona epidemic in Korea is at the beginning of a large-scale spread and is in a very serious situation.

It is estimated that the number of new patients per day for next week will reach 400, and more than 600 in early December.]

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in earnest with this trend, the Daegu-Gyeongbuk region epidemic in February and March and the metropolitan area at the end of August. It is a situation of concern about a large-scale outbreak beyond that.