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social distance between Seoul and Gyeonggi Province has been elevated to 1.5 levels since the day (19th).

On the first Friday night after the upgrade, our coverage team looked around downtown Seoul, and there were quite a few cases where basic quarantine rules were not well observed.

This is reporter Kim Hyung-rae.


Last night, this is the street in front of Konkuk University Station in the Seoul subway where restaurants and pubs are gathered.

Since then, distance 1.5 has been applied, but it is still crowded with people.

In accordance with the quarantine rules, entertainment facilities such as Danran Izakaya can only accept one guest per 4 square meters of area.

[(Area) 62 square meters...

(15 people) The maximum number of people at a time is fifteen, you know.] In

stores with a facility area of ​​more than 50 square meters, there were cases where it was difficult to keep a distance of more than 1m between tables or install partitions.

[Restaurant President: I ordered everything on the Internet right now, with partitions?

But there is no way to do it right now, because I ordered it on the Internet...

] In the

cafe, there were not a few people talking without wearing a mask even though they weren't drinking.

[Park Kyung-oh/Seoul Food Safety Team Leader: 50 to 150 sqm (restaurants and cafes) started (newly) from yesterday, so...

During the conversation, you must guide them to wear a mask, but it seems that it is still a bit insufficient.]

From tomorrow, Seoul plans to reinforce quarantine rules so that only half of all tables can be seated in general restaurants and cafes.