A college student who was forced to become a drug offender while trying to receive a drug sent from Korea at the request of an acquaintance in Australia received compensation from the sender.

Deputy Judge Kim Seong-soo, who was solely responsible for the civil affairs 13 of the Daegu District Court, announced today (21st) that Mr. B won the plaintiff to compensate him for 48 million won in a lawsuit filed against Mr. B.

Mr. A was asked by Mr. C, who he met during Australia's Working Holiday in 2017, to receive a package from Korea by courier instead.

First, Mr. C, who had returned to Korea, told Mr. A that it was a'vitamin product recognized by the Food and Drug Administration.'

Mr. A went to an Australian airport to pick up his goods in January 2018 and was arrested by local airport police for attempting to import drugs containing narcotic substances.

The drug is a generic drug used as a rhinitis treatment in Korea, but it was strictly controlled in Australia, saying it contained narcotic substances.

Mr. A was imprisoned even though he complained of resentment.

After that, after appointing an international attorney through a local consulate and appealing for resolution of the situation through a petition at the Blue House, he was released after 7 months without being prosecuted and returned to Korea.

While preparing a lawsuit for damages against Mr. C, Mr. A learned that Mr. B was the person who actually led the delivery of the courier and filed a lawsuit against him.

Deputy Judge Kim said, "It is clear that Mr. A suffered mentally from this case, considering all circumstances including the case and the course of the incident, so the defendant must pay a total of 48 million won, including alimony (30 million won). "I do."

Lee Ki-ho, a lawyer at Legal Aid Corporation, who represented Mr. A's lawsuit, said, "The legal system related to drugs varies from country to country, and unexpected accidents may occur." "If the contents are not confirmed, it is advisable to refrain from receiving them in good faith." . 

(Photo = Yonhap News)