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scheduled for today (21st), the secondary school teacher appointment test was held all over the country.

At Noryangjin Academy in Seoul, where some candidates were gathered, there were many confirmed patients, so I was very worried, but 50,000 people took the test, and the confirmed people could not take it.

Reporter Jung Joon-ho covered the scene.


Test takers with full of tension gather in front of the school gate.

With the encouragement of family and acquaintances behind, we check for fever, and after hand disinfection, we enter the test site.

This morning, the middle school teacher appointment examinations were held at the same time in 3,76 test labs at 110 test centers nationwide.

Yesterday, at the Noryangjin Appointment Examination Academy, a lot of physical education candidates were confirmed, and a petition from the Blue House saying that the exam should be postponed appeared, but 52,000 candidates took the exam as scheduled.

However, 66 of the 69 cumulative confirmed cases related to Noryangjin Academy did not take the test according to the policy of the Ministry of Education.

The 142 people classified as close contacts and 395 people who were notified as corona test subjects were tested in separate test sites, separated from general candidates.

[Moon Gyeong-ok/Physical education subject appointment test taker: The day before, it was because of the corona, so I could see that there were not many people.

It was because it was a lot (corona) in Noryangjin


[Moon Gyeong-ok/Physical education subject appointment test taker: All the teachers took care of the rules.


Ministry of Education announced that it would require separate test center supervisors and test-takers for temporary teachers to undergo corona tests to prevent further spread.

(Video coverage: Lim Dong-guk, video editing: So Ji-hye)


Reporter Jung Joon-ho, who went directly to the appointment examination site, is here.

Didn't you go inside the test center to report?


Yes, we did not go inside the test site, but we covered safely near the main gate.


How did the test takers look?

<Reporter> It is

probably the most tense day of the year, and there was a tense light from the sudden corona.

In addition, he expressed his regret for the candidates who were not able to take the test because they were confirmed coronavirus.

[Kwon Jae-yong/Physical education subject appointment test candidate: I am a little bit anxious.

There is also an anxiety that there will be someone at the exam room I see...

(Confirmed) It's a lot of regret.

I can feel the fellowship we've been studying hard together.]

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fact, it's a bit harsh to tell me not to take the exam because of a few symptoms


I also have this concern, how is it?


Yes, the candidates of the academy where the group infection occurred took the test at a separate test center.

Still, there are areas of concern.

Experts say that there may be hidden infections that have not been confirmed by the corona test.

Let's listen.

[Kim Woo-joo/Professor of Infectious Diseases at Korea University Guro Hospital: Seeing that 30 or 60 people come out within a day or two, the number of confirmed cases in them has increased like this from at least a week ago...

Young people are dangerous, but of course, the symptoms are not severe, so they may have endured and studied for the test, and they have an important test ahead.]

Some of the test takers who took the test at a separate test center have not yet come out with test results.

Therefore, the number of confirmed cases may increase depending on the test result.

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