• Scandal: Russia removes its captain after posting a sex video on networks

Two Russian pilots are under investigation after drawing a

giant penis in the sky

on their route from Moscow to Yekaterinburg on November 11


Those in charge of handling the plane carried out the necessary maneuvers, deviating from the route a few minutes after reaching their destination, as a sign of support for

Artiom Dzyuba


The captain of the Russian team was expelled after a video of a sexual nature leaked on the networks.

An airline spokesperson, according to the news

outlet Metro

, has recently assured that "this was probably the way in which the captains of


(airline) expressed their support for the captain of the Russian team Artiom Dzyuba and

showed their solidarity

for the harassment you are receiving. "

Apparently, the crew requested permission to perform aerial maneuvers "due to the need to check the radio navigation equipment".

Some maneuvers for which it is known that the flight scheduled with the Russian low-cost airline

landed 20 minutes late

in Yekaterinburg.

The investigation, the newspaper


has assured

, will from now on check whether the pilots broke the limits of ethical behavior in the air, and whether they endangered the crew with their actions.

Dzyuba's controversial video

The captain of the national team, Dzyuba, has missed several games since a controversial video with sexual content was leaked on social networks.

In it, the player appeared


and looking at the camera with an angry face.

In social networks there are those who have shared the images.

See this post on Instagram

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