About 20 prosecutors and investigators at the Busan District Prosecutors' Office are seizing and searching Busan City Hall from around 9:30 am today (20th).

It is reported that the prosecution is working to secure documents and computer hard disks, and transfer some computerized documents in the offices of the Information Technology Officer, the Human Resources Department, the Office of Foreign Cooperation Advisors in Busan City, Shinjin-gu, and the Disaster Response Department.

Inside and outside of the city hall, the prosecution is believed to have started a search for seizure in relation to the sexual harassment incident by the former mayor, as the prosecutors postponed that they found the office of aide Shin Jin-gu, who was a close friend of the former mayor Oh.

In addition, it is known that data related to the Choryang Underground Road disaster that occurred during heavy rains in July were also being secured after seizure and search of the Disaster Response Division.

Mayor Oh, who held a press conference on April 23, informed of the sexual harassment and voluntarily resigned.

On July 23, at around 10:18 pm, the 175m-long, two-way round-trip Choryang Subwayway 1 in Dong-gu, Busan was flooded, killing three people.

The police revealed the results of an investigation that the response of the officials in charge of Busan City and Dong-gu Office in relation to the underground road accident was inappropriate.

An official at the Busan District Prosecutors' Office said, "We cannot confirm whether or not the search has been seized."

(Photo = Yonhap News)