Yesterday (19th), a fire broke out at a cosmetic factory in Incheon, killing three workers and injuring six.

It is believed that an explosion occurred during the plating process, but it is known that the dead employees were unable to escape anger while evacuating other colleagues.

This is Lee Hyun-jung reporter.

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a cosmetic factory in Incheon, fires soar with a pop sound, and debris of the building flies to the parked vehicle and cracks the windshield.

Yesterday at 4:12 pm, an explosion and a fire broke out in the workshop on the second floor of this factory.

To report the fire, the fire department issued the first phase of response and dispatched more than 60 fire engines and 140 firefighters.

The fire was completely extinguished in two and a half hours, but the fire killed three factory workers and injured six.

Four of the six injured were moved to a nearby hospital, of which one woman in her 40s was seriously injured, and a firefighter in her 30s who extinguished the fire was also injured.

All three of the dead were found near the windows of the workshop on the second floor of the factory, but according to other rescued workers, they were told that they were evacuating their co-workers first, but they were unable to escape.

The fire department believes that workers were working on plating in the second-floor workshop where there was a fire, and then a fire occurred with an explosion.

In particular, workers were using sodium chlorite, a highly explosive dangerous substance, but the scale of the explosion seems to have increased as the fire started.

The police are investigating the exact cause of the accident with three officials, including the representative of a cosmetic manufacturer.