At least 26 confirmed cases of Corona 19 occurred in a large employment examination academy in Noryangjin, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, causing an emergency in the academy district with the middle school appointment examination.

According to Dongjak-gu today (20th), two students of Noryangjin'Short-term Appointment' academy were confirmed as corona19 on the 18th to 19th, and 24 additional students, including other students and employees, were confirmed today.

It is reported that 24 additional confirmed patients were positive in the process of conducting a full-scale examination for 200 people related to the academy since yesterday.

According to the ward office, some of the test targets have not yet been tested, so there may be more confirmed cases.

In response to the occurrence of additional confirmed cases, the Ward Office recommended self-quarantine by classifying a total of 214 students, including the academy students and staff, as close contacts.

Appointment Examination The news that a confirmed person has occurred in the academy is a very disturbing atmosphere for the candidates who are one day ahead of the secondary school appointment exam (21st).

One test taker said, "As the Office of Education adhered to the policy of'Corona 19 confirmed patients cannot take the test', there were people who were compulsory to take medicine for the test even if they had symptoms before the test."

(Photo = Yonhap News)