Minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice and Security) wants to establish an authority to combat online child pornography and terrorist material.

He states this in a letter to the Lower House.

The Child Pornography and Terrorist Content Authority is said to combat the spread of such images on the internet.

By having this done by one central authority, it would be easier for internet companies to communicate about, for example, the removal of material.

Grapperhaus wants to make the new watchdog independent, so that it can be kept running under an independent administrative body.

Bill at an early stage

The minister wants to share a bill for consultation in January 2021, after which the Council of State will consider it at a later date.

A final version of the law can only be voted on later.

In recent months, Grapperhaus has taken several steps against the spread of child pornography.

In October, he named one of the largest hosting parties that has such material online.

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