Doctors at Vesoul hospital gave the approval on Thursday morning so that Jonathann Daval's trial could resume.

The man confessed to having killed his wife, Alexia Daval, in October 2017. He had vagal discomfort on Wednesday, on the third day of his trial, after being questioned for nearly three quarters of an hour. 

Jonathann Daval, who suffered from vagal discomfort on Wednesday evening in the middle of an interrogation on the murder of his wife Alexia, has received the approval of doctors and his trial will be able to resume normally before the assizes of Haute-Saône on Thursday, said to AFP the Advocate General.

"It's good, officially a medical certificate of compatibility has been given and Jonathann Daval is going to court to resume the trial," said Emmanuel Dupic.

The hearing is scheduled to resume at 9 a.m. on Thursday.

According to the Advocate General despite the delay in the proceedings since the start of the trial on Monday, the verdict is still expected on Friday.

"We continue on the same course. An Assize Court adapts to events," Emmanuel Dupic continued to the press.

"Yesterday the hearing was very emotional. We will continue until tomorrow, the day when the verdict will normally be delivered."

He collapsed after three quarters of an hour of interrogation

Jonathann Daval's unease occurred as the trial had just gotten to the heart of the matter, with two extremely emotionally strong moments: the depositions of the civil parties and the questioning of the accused.

Caught under the fire of questions from President Matthieu Husson who urged him to explain his complicated relationship with Alexia, including their difficulty in conceiving a child, Jonathann Daval suddenly turned pale, before collapsing, after about three quarters of interrogation time.

The prison escort officers then took him out of the box.

He was then taken to Vesoul hospital where he spent the night from Wednesday to Thursday under observation.

Jonathann Daval has been on trial since Monday for the murder of his wife Alexia.

The body of this 29-year-old bank employee was found on October 30, 2017 in a wood, a few kilometers from the marital home of Gray-la-Ville, in Haute-Saône.

He faces life imprisonment.