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this time, as the number of patients increased again, students who had two weeks ahead of the SAT test had more to worry about.

In the metropolitan area, where there are many confirmed cases, an increasing number of schools allow high school 3 students to take classes at home instead of going to school.

Reporter Han Ji-yeon covered this news.


This is a high school in Seoul where one teacher was confirmed today (18th).

This week alone, confirmed cases came out from four high schools in Seoul.

Nationally, the average number of confirmed cases on campus has exceeded 15 per day for the last week, more than twice the number of the previous week.

From the 26th, a week before the SAT, the education authorities have made all grades of high school convert to remote classes. In the metropolitan area, where there are many confirmed cases, many schools have already entered high school 3rd distance classes.

[Seoul A High School Official: Since early November (high school 3 students) have not been shown at all. Actually.

(Seoul School) All 3rd graders have usually switched to remote (class).] The

Gangwon-do Office of Education also recommended switching to high school 3 remote classes from that day, but about 10 schools are currently in operation.

Ahead of the special quarantine for the two weeks starting tomorrow, local governments have repeatedly checked whether they comply with the quarantine guidelines for academies, training centers, and study cafes.

[Yangcheon-gu Office Inspection Team: From tomorrow, it will be upgraded by 1.5 level again, so you have to skip one space (sit down) and put'vacancy' on it, and unconditionally…


[Academic officials: It is said that it will start tomorrow, so I will finish adjusting the classroom today and put it on tomorrow.]

Education authorities have advised to refrain from taking classes at academies and classrooms from one week before the SAT, but it is unknown whether they will be properly followed.

[Academic officials: The position of the children who are anxious, the position of the academy that has to take full responsibility for the children that have been taught so far (Can it be closed?)] The

Ministry of Education should take 120 confirmed candidates and 3,800 self-quarantine. He said that he had prepared a separate space for him.

Also, on the day of the SAT, I requested that they refrain from group cheering.

(Video interview: gimmincheol, gwonsunhwan G1, video editing: gimjongmi, VJ: ohsegwan, sinsoyoung) 

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