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Your son, nephew, or grandson may have already mentioned that new consoles are released this year.

Well, the fateful moment has arrived: Microsoft will launch the

Xbox Series this Tuesday, November 10,

and Sony will do the same on Thursday of next week, on November 19, with its

PlayStation 5


This is an important event, as much or more than the launch of an iPhone.

If Apple releases a new phone like a watch every year, Sony and Microsoft typically renew their devices completely every six to seven years.


in 2013 the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One were launched

, in 2020 the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series will arrive, well.

"And why the hell do they have to launch other consoles if these still work perfectly?", You may wonder.

If you don't know how technology works, let me remind you: its progress is unstoppable and what years ago was very expensive to achieve, such as

playing video games in 4K resolution and with a much more realistic appearance

, now it can be done with the cap .

That and that capitalism is what it is.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, respectively


l gaming market is worth over 120 billion euros

and increase in the lifetime of these new consoles around 13% year on year, according to

Grand View Research.

The role of the new game consoles will be crucial to maintain this pace, as well as the growth of services or sales of digital video games.

That is why, perhaps, that Sony and Microsoft want to

get rid of the video game stores

and, like Apple, control everything that is sold for their consoles.

It's no wonder the PS5 and Xbox are going to have two versions each.

On the

one hand, the version that playing physical games and more expensive:

$ 500 for one PS5 or an Xbox X Series


On the other hand, there will be the versions that only play games purchased online in the official stores of both companies,

PS5 Digital and Xbox Series S

, which cost 400 and 300 euros, respectively.

None is exactly cheap, but at least this time you can ditch the old consoles if you want.

Both PS5 and Xbox Series will be able to

play the games of their predecessors

, something that in the specialized world is called 'backward compatibility' and that ordinary mortals call 'selling the old console to pay for the new one'.

But what is really interesting about both is that the new games that are released from November will look better and will be a greater spectacle of definition, colors and fast movements.

It is possible that

your old TV not remove them all game

, but this is a conversation for another time.

Another relevant quality is that they download, install and play games infinitely faster.

If before you had to spend several minutes to start playing, that process now only takes seconds.

A PlayStation 5 with its controller, the DualSense

Although the two are very similar, there is

a key differentiating factor: the business model


The Xbox wants to be a Netflix of video games, while you pay

a monthly subscription

for the GamePass service and have dozens of games available, as well as some exclusives.

On the other hand, PlayStation wants to be a cinema, with

its great exclusive releases

that you will want to play because everyone talks about them and they are a wonder.

One company wants to sell you its subscription, another its exclusive games and its consoles, what do you prefer?

These two conceptions of the video game industry are succeeding and neither seems to prevail.

Microsoft has more than 15 million

Xbox Game Pass


while Sony has sold more than

113 million PS4s

and the number of reserved PS5s has been so high that on launch day there will be none available in stores: all are already in place.

And its great video games sell millions of copies: its latest major release, The Last of Us II, has already surpassed 4 million copies.

PlayStation now has a certain advantage, but it will be in the coming years when we see if one prevails over the other.

The future of neither is clear if it will be favorable or negative due to the situation due to COVID-19.

Although the confinement during the pandemic has revitalized the video game market, as it is a very homemade activity, and

the sales figures have skyrocketed in 2020


Producing new consoles is going to be tricky and all experts

anticipate that there will be few PS5s and Xbox Series Xs between now and 2021


In other words, finding one on Black Friday or around Christmas will be difficult.

To this we must add that neither of the two consoles have great video games yet and that the launches this Christmas, such as the new FIFA, the new Call of Duty or the nth season of Fortnite,

will continue to work like a charm in their predecessors


If you are able to withstand the pull of your children or grandchildren, or the temptation to indulge yourself, waiting until next year is a smart move, because until 2021 you will not begin to get all the juice out of these new devices.

And what about Nintendo?

Nintendo is doing wonderfully.

Its game console, Nintendo Switch, has had similar success to that of the Wii and, without having become a similar phenomenon, it is one of the best-selling game consoles of the moment.

As long as this remains the case, Nintendo won't have to launch a new game console for at least two years.

In turn, Nintendo has some intellectual properties and a loyal audience that acquires the games as they are released.

Every new Mario video game sells tens of millions of copies.

Animal Crossing became an escape valve in March just at the worst moment of the pandemic.

Mario Kart is essential to play with friends.

And so, a long etcetera.

What PlayStation and Xbox usually achieve with a greater variety of catalog and very high production values, Nintendo achieves with unique video games and with a video console that can be used to play at home or in the park.

And this way of conceiving videogames does not seem to change in the short term.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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