Windows 10: Microsoft publishes an update fixing 72 bugs -


Microsoft's operating system once again presents a major security flaw.

The latter is of the “zero-day” type, that is to say it was revealed even before a corrective patch was deployed.

It therefore represents an even greater risk for the security of Windows machines.

A risk that could have been avoided.

Microsoft was indeed warned of the flaw by researchers from Project Zero, a team of cybersecurity specialists from Google, who pinpointed the vulnerability of Windows 10. A flaw that the team of researchers discovered at the following a two-stroke attack.

Hackers first targeted a flaw in Chrome to tackle the breach in Windows, proof that the latter has been exploited.

A patch is coming very soon

Following this discovery, Project Zero researchers notified Microsoft and gave it a deadline to fix the flaw.

Unfortunately, the Redmond firm has not released a patch in the allotted time.

The details of the breach in Windows have therefore been revealed without any corrective patch being available yet.

According to the Project Zero report, the security flaw is common to all versions of Windows - from 7 to 10 - since it is located at the level of the kernel of Microsoft's operating system.

Although the Redmond company did not release a patch before the revelation of researchers at Google, Microsoft still plans to close the gap.

We will only have to wait until November 10 and the publication of Microsoft's Patch Tuesday for that.

In the meantime, the flaw can still be exploited.


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