Kim Kyung-joon (54), former president of BBK Investment Advisory, who raised the allegations of the former President Lee Myung-bak's BBK, insisted that the former president should set up a political prosecutor who gave him indulgences, although he was condemned.

Kim said in a statement released today (31) through an internal reporting action campaign by civic groups, "At the time, the former prosecutor, Kim Ki-dong, and special prosecutor Jeong Ho-yong at the time, who covered the eyes of the public by giving Lee Myung-bak an indulgence. It must be put on."

He said, "When the prosecution was investigated for allegations of manipulating stock prices, the BBK and the dozen beneficial owners were the former president and submitted evidence several times, but they were completely dismissed, and the prosecution at the time prevented the statement about the former president itself." Insisted.

He pointed out, "With only my experience and the data submitted in the BBK case, the prosecution turned away even though it could fully know who the owner of the dozen was and who the key drivers of the BBK case were."

Mr. Kim said, "There is still no truth about the distorted behavior of the political prosecution, saying,'It was wrong at that time, and it is right now'. I am able to give a vivid testimony to the embarrassment of the prosecution at the time. "I am not able to enter the country"?

In relation to the BBK case, Kim was sentenced to eight years in prison and a fine of 10 billion won in 2009, and was released for maturity in March 2017.However, under the system of acting as Prime Minister Hwang Gyo-an at the time, Kim was deported and was forcibly repatriated to the US on the day of release.

The Immigration Control Act stipulates that persons who have been sentenced to imprisonment or imprisonment for more than 5 years or sentenced to prison and released can be deported.

In the appeal of the former President, who was charged with bribery and other charges under the Specific Crimes Weighted Penalty Act on the 29th, the Supreme Court confirmed the lower court sentenced to 17 years in prison, a fine of 13 billion won, and an additional fine of 5,780 million won, and condemned the beneficial owner of a dozen. In fact, he admitted that he was the former president.

(Photo = Yonhap News)