Netflix is ​​giving up binge-watching for some of its series -


Beyond its content, the world's most popular streaming platform also owes its success to its many features.

Netflix regularly introduces new modes of reading or browsing that make it easier to choose a series or a movie to watch.

Until recently, Netflix introduced a button that allows you to lock the screen of your smartphone when a program is launched, in order to avoid stops or fast forward by mistake.

The next novelty should also concern the mobile application of the SVOD service.

The code of version 7.79.1 of the application has indeed allowed the XDA Developers site to discover the mention of a new feature inspired by YouTube Premium: the audio playback of content in the background, when the screen phone is switched off.

In the near future

This addition could indeed be very useful to all Netflix subscribers who are fans of smartphone viewing.

If the screen lock feature is already quite useful, the possibility of continuing a series episode or a movie on your locked smartphone could be even more so.

This would indeed allow you to continue listening to your program without your phone remaining on and therefore saving battery and mobile data, but also preventing everyone from seeing what you are watching.

It remains to be seen whether Netflix will indeed offer this new feature in the next version of its mobile application.

The streaming platform is indeed testing many functionalities without these being deployed for all users.


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