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government has taken measures like this, but the residents are still uneasy.

The victim's father says that returning to Ansan, where he originally lived, is a sort of retaliation and is still suffering from nightmares.

So reporter Jung Myung-won heard the story of the victim's family who eventually decided to leave Ansan.


Jo Doo-soon This is the city information center of Ansan, which is busy ahead of his release.

Surveillance was strengthened by increasing surveillance cameras and connecting the electronic anklet control center of the Ministry of Justice and the computer network.

[Jun-Seung Lee/Director of Ansan City City Information Center: (From the Ministry of Justice) Now we are notified.

Then we give the CCTV authority to you, so that you can see.]

But the families of the victims are suffering from nightmares because their eyes come to mind when the news that Jo Doo-soon is coming.

[Euijin Shin/Professor of psychiatry at Yonsei University Medical School (President of the Korea Violence Abuse Prevention Association): When I think of the glances in my eyes (Cho Doo-soon), my legs are relieved and collapsed, my father.

(It's because Jo Doo-soon had no reflection at the trial, and he was staring at the (victim) family.] The

victim's father, who responded to an interview with SBS, said it was a kind of retaliation for Jo Doo-soon to return to Ansan where he originally lived.

[Cho Doo-soon Victim's Father (voice band): It will come out in a month or so, but from the day Cho Doo-soon is released, it seems that my family will be locked up in a cage, and it’s so painful, but I’m going to tell you something.

They are so hard.

So does the child's mother.]

I finally decided to move out of my anxiety, and the scarce cost was helped by as many as 4,800 citizens, just like when they raised the cost of surgery 12 years ago.

The victim's father is angry, saying that the government has promised to keep Jo Doo-soon permanently quarantined.

[Cho Doo-soon Victim's Father (Voice Band): I have to take comprehensive measures for all sex offenders, but I'm not really pleased with the emergency tinkering.

I want to tell him to beat him up when he sees him hit this rage to catch one of Jo Doo-soon.]

When I checked the status of recidivism of sexual violence offenders against minors over the past 20 years through a request for disclosure of information, the recidivism rate has exceeded 10% from 5 years ago.

A sex offender who lived a 12-year sentence after raping six children was committed eight days earlier this year.

[Kwon Il-Yong/Professor of Dongguk University Police Law School: (Sex Crime) I have symptoms of poisoning.

That is, it stops when the opportunity is cut off due to punishment, but he cannot stop it himself.]

Kim Mo, who had a nightmare-like incident two years ago.

The perpetrator was a sex offender who was one year old after release and was a target of probation.

[Kim ○○ (pseudonym)/victim: As it turned out, the criminal history reached 100 cases...


(100?) Yes.

(Similar crime?) Yes, but I didn't get caught.

Among them, there was only one crime, robbery and rape, three-year prisoner.]

Still, the memory of the investigation by an investigative agency in a state of


for eight months and trembling in excruciating fear comes back to the recent release of Cho Doo-soon.

[Kim ○○ (pseudonym)/victim: The perpetrator is obviously wrong, but why should the victim avoid it and keep in mind the possibility of a second offense?] The

number of re-offenses of sex offenders with electronic anklets in the past four years has been one year. There are over 60 on average.

Like advanced countries, the detention system to isolate sex offenders released from prison was discussed in the 18th, 19th, and 20th National Assembly, but all were abolished due to violations of human rights such as double punishment.

The so-called Cho Doo-soon prevention legislation recently proposed by the National Assembly has also made no progress.

[Soo-Jung Lee/Professor, Department of Crime Psychology, Gyeonggi University: Who protects the human rights of victims?

Which state agency protects victims' human rights?

There is no institution!]

Cho Doo-soon The fear reaction of our society ahead of his release is anxiety over whether the state has the will and system to protect victims from child sex offenders.

(VJ: Taek Yoon, screen provided: Ministry of Justice)