In preparation for the release of Jo Doo-soon, a kidnapping and rape of elementary school students, the government has decided to increase closed circuit (CC) TVs in the residential area of ​​Jo Doo-soon and establish a security guard post.

In addition, a response team was formed at the competent police station to closely monitor 24 hours a day.

On the 30th, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, and the National Police Agency prepared the'Cho Doo-soon Prevention and Management Plan' with the same content.

The government plans to revise the Electronic Device Attachment Act, which is scheduled for December 13th, before release from Cho Doo-soon, and applies compliance matters such as prohibition of access to victims, prohibition of alcohol consumption, prohibition of access to children's facilities, and restrictions on going out.

Currently, a sex offender can only apply for the application of these observances after they are released from the prison and attach an electronic device. This is a blind spot in which a'blank' occurs for about a month from the date of application to the decision.

Through the revision of the Child and Youth Protection Act, we also decided to expand the disclosure of Cho Doo-soon's personal information.

The police decided to designate an area within 1km radius of Jo Doo-soon's residential area as a women's safe zone, and promote the installation of CCTV extensions and security guard posts.

We also decided to reinforce visible patrols and safety activities on the back-and-forth road by utilizing available careers such as mobile patrols, police officer squads, and child safety guards.

A dedicated probation officer overseeing Cho Doo-soon is appointed to conduct one-on-one electronic surveillance.

The competent police department plans to operate a response team for Jo Doo-soon to closely supervise it 24 hours a day, and to give Cho Doo-soon to receive specialized programs such as sexual awareness improvement and alcohol treatment.

We also decided to strengthen protective measures for the safety of Jo Doo-soon's sex crime victims.

If the victims agree, a protective device will be provided to block Cho Doo-soon's access to the source, and a dedicated victim protection team will also be operated.

We plan to provide financial and psychological support if the victims wish.

In addition, it was decided to directly check Doo-soon Cho's actions using CCTV data in Ansan City by linking the location tracking central control center with Ansan City, Gyeonggi Province.

To this end, Ansan City has decided to double the number of CCTVs, currently 3,622 units by the first half of next year.

The government also submitted a budget proposal to the National Assembly to increase the number of probation officers by 188.

A government official explained, "We will manage sex offenders more strict and thoroughly through criminal government countermeasures and inter-agency cooperation and relieve public anxiety."