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Disney + premieres the second season of 'the Mandalorian', the action series that expands the 'Star Wars' universe

The third season is already confirmed, which will start filming shortly

This production is one of the star products of the Disney + platform

Mos Eisley, Yoda, the Dwellers of the Sands, the Death Star and the bounty hunters are references that every good

Star Wars

lover will

recognize immediately.

And all of them appear in the

second season of

The Mandalorian

, the success of Disney +


The first of the eight chapters of the second season is now available on the payment platform.

No spoilers

, we reveal the aspects to consider when viewing this high-quality production.

Mando appears in the second season on an iconic motorcycle from the 'Star Wars' saga.


Mando (Pedro Pascal), the

Mandalorian or The Mandalorian

, is the main character in this story.

Although, as those who saw the first season know well, the true protagonist is

Baby Yoda

, whom Mando must protect at all costs.

His powers are extraordinary and, in the wrong hands, this tiny and endearing green being can become a very powerful weapon.

In addition, on the side of the good ones,

Cara Dune

(ex-wrestler Gina Carano), a woman of arms who takes the side of the two main characters, and


(Nick Nolte lends her his cavernous voice), a good-hearted ugnaught.

And little else, because the rest are bad or worse.

From the mega-villain

Moff Gideon

(Giancarlo Esposito), with his soldiers, to the traitor

Greef Karga

(Carl Weathers), first friend and then an unscrupulous guy, to the

dark client

(Werner Herzog) who hires Mando to locate the baby Yoda



veteran fan of the galactic saga will (finally) meet their expectations

with this series.

There is more maturity in the scripts than in the last films and, of course, fewer love stories (although there are some) and fights, battles and chases in which the effort is noticeable at the production level.

Disney discovered with the purchase of LucasFilm that

Star Wars

was a franchise that could make them millionaires.

And so it has been with the latest film installments.

This effect has been reflected in subscriptions to the

Disney +


, which has

The Mandalarian

as its star product


As if that were not enough, with the addition that watching the films is within reach of command.

Easier, impossible.

Command in a canteen in Mos Eisley.


The plot takes place

after the fall of the Galactic Empire, with Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine

deceased, and before the First Order intrudes.

A time when misery and resentment among the survivors are the order of the day.

Hence, the emergence of a guy like Mando, with morals and ethics beyond dispute and with great value, is seen as a great help for the most disadvantaged.

It is convenient to look at the hardships endured by the peoples that were previously under the command of the Empire to see the

clear correspondence with certain minorities

in today's society.


Disney knows that introducing new characters to the series is something that the most purist fans value.

And, incidentally, it helps




Darth Vader does not appear


, but the aforementioned Moff Gideon

promises moments of great drama as happened in the last chapter of the first season.

So the production company has strongly asked journalists

not to reveal fundamental details of the plot

, so that viewers can enjoy the surprises prepared.

It is true that, in social networks, even the


have cut themselves and have not gutted much.

And the strategy of releasing a chapter every week helps.

We'll see what happens now ...

Giancarlo Esposito plays the villain Moff Gideon.


The second season has only just begun ... and those in charge are already prepared to record the third.

This has been confirmed by

Jon Favreau, creator of the series

, as well as screenwriter and director.

In recent dates, the filmmaker has alluded to the advantages that many characters wear masks, such as The Mandalorian, or that they have been created digitally, when recording in times of Coronavirus.

If all goes well,

filming will begin before the end of the year.

According to the criteria of

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