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government has come up with a comprehensive plan today (30th) on how to manage Cho Doo-soon, a child sexual offender released in December this year.

It is a policy that only Jo Doo-soon will have a manpower who is in charge of managing them to determine the location and closely monitor him 24 hours a day.

It is decided to double the number of CCTVs by the first half of next year in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, where Cho Doo-soon will reside.

This is the first news today, reporter Lee Hyun-young.


Cho Doo-soon, who was sentenced to 12 years in prison for abducting elementary school students and violently rape them in 2008, will be released for maturity on December 12th.

Today, more than 40 days before release, the Ministry of Justice announced a plan to prevent Doo-soon Cho recidivism with the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family and the National Police Agency.

The Ministry of Justice first appointed a probation officer to monitor only Cho Doo-soon, and then, through one-on-one electronic supervision, the location was determined 24 hours, and the route was checked as soon as he went out and decided to closely supervise.

Also, prior to the release of Cho Doo-soon, the law will be revised to immediately apply regulations such as prohibition of access to victims and prohibition of alcohol consumption.

The police also came up with specific countermeasures.

Five women and youth strong team members are designated separately as the'Cho Doo-soon response team', and nearby patrol personnel are also concentrated.

[Mo Young-shin/Ansan Danwonseo Women and Youth Section Manager: (Cho Doo-soon-i) Designate within a 1km radius of the residential area where you will live as a female safety protection zone.

Reinforcing facilities such as CCTV in the area...


CCTV installation work is in progress.

Ansan City plans to install 35 such CCTVs in the vicinity of Jo Doo-soon residential area.

Ansan City has decided to double the number of CCTVs, currently 3,622 units, by the first half of next year.

In addition, if the victims consent, the police will provide protection, block Cho Doo-soon access from the source, and provide economic and psychological support.

(Video coverage: Park Seung-won and Seol Min-hwan, Video editing: Won-hee Won)