Kim Bong-Hyun, who claims to have


alcohol to incumbent prosecutors, is known to have specified the date of entertainment in a prosecution investigation yesterday (29th).

Today, on social media, the name of the prosecutor who was suspected of being entertained was publicly disclosed, and a lawyer from the prosecution who was accused of having been with the bar at the time denied all the allegations, saying that he had never met the prosecutor after retirement.

Reporter Won Jong-jin covered it. 


The second survey of former Star Mobility chairman Kim Bong-hyun, conducted yesterday at the southern detention center in Seoul, lasted for over 7 hours.

In the investigation, Mr. Kim is known to have pointed to the date he served incumbent prosecutors and a former prosecutor's lawyer at a room salon in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul.

It is also reported that the prosecution explained the hospitality situation at the time by checking the call records and text messages of room salon employees.

Earlier, the prosecution confiscated an employee's cell phone and performed forensic work.

However, the lawyer, who was alleged to have been with the room salon, said he had not seen the prosecutor Kim Bong-Hyun designated as a hospitality target since August 2018, when he resigned from the prosecution on a phone call with SBS. He told me that it would be revealed through investigation.

On social media this morning, the name and photo of a prosecutor who indicated that Mr. Kim had been entertained were also disclosed.

Attorney Park Hoon, who revealed the real names appearing in Kim Bong-hyun's prison letter, posted the name and photo of Prosecutor A on Facebook, expressing it as "garbage," and said that he was an 8-year senior at Kim's high school and was behind this disclosure.

However, attorney Park deleted some expressions in the afternoon and reposted, saying that he had never met Kim Bong-hyun and that Mr. Kim had counseled and looked into the case.

(Video editing: Hwang Ji-young)