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A 50-year-old man was sentenced to jail for assaulting and seriously injured a neighbor woman for making noise.

On the 22nd, the 12th Division of the Seoul Eastern District Law Criminal Agreement (presiding judge Park Sang-gu) sentenced A, who was charged with serious injury, to two years and six months in prison.

Mr. A visited Mr. B's interior office in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul at around 5:50 pm on July 17th.

In addition, it was investigated that he swung his fist for about 34 minutes for being angry at the noise of cutting the chassis near Mr. B's office.

In this process, it was confirmed that Mr. A hit Mr. B's face several times, stepped on and strangled him, and said, "Don't ignore people. Am I funny. Am I funny?"

The judge said, "We inflicted serious injuries that could endanger life due to brain prolapse, and that rehabilitation treatment is required after surgical treatment," and said, "There are concerns of worsening symptoms or sequelae."

He pointed out, "I have been punished three times in prison, two times in probation, and 11 times in fines for violent-related crimes," he said.

Currently, Mr. B is reported to have suffered injuries such as acute subdural hemorrhage, which requires treatment for about 8 weeks.

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