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prosecution reform is targeting a prosecutor who has said that it has failed, and the voices of criticism within the prosecution are growing over what Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae posted on social media.

Another reviewer posted a criticism of Minister Chu Mi-ae on the prosecution's internal network, with more than 200 supportive comments.

First, reporter Kang Cheong-wan.


Minister Choo Mi-ae, who posted a post on social


, saying, "If you come out like this, only reform will be the answer" about prosecutor Lee Hwan-


, the Jeju District Prosecutor's Office, who claimed that'the prosecution reform has failed.'

There was a controversy that the attorney general with the prosecutor's personnel authority fired the prosecutor publicly, and afterwards, a post by Chuncheon District Prosecutor Choi Jae-man, the son-in-law of the former Attorney General Chun Jeong-bae, posted on the prosecution's internal network saying, "I will also come out.

Comments from prosecutors who supported this article followed, and the number of comments currently exceeds 200.

If you say different opinions, it is questionable whether'reform' is what you have to worry about whether you will receive personnel disadvantages or supervision. I clearly oppose the current situation where you are coming out because you have expressed your opinion, and I will also come out. Opinions poured out that they would join the criticism of Minister Chu, who caused the controversy.

Many comments were concerned about excessive involvement of political power, saying, "I remember 7 or 8 years ago when the prosecutor general ordered to inspect the heavy-duty manager. I want to reform the prosecution, but the current prosecution is covered in politics."

In response, Im Eun-jeong, the prosecution policy researcher at the Supreme Prosecutor's Office, posted an article stating, "How can we say that the attitude of a prosecutor is correct if there is an angry voice against the outside that blames our faults?" There was a criticism of'Would you like to post this?

Some criticize that the use of the term'coming out', which refers to the voluntary disclosure of gender identity of LGBTI people in this way, is itself inappropriate.

(Video editing: Ha Seong-won)