• 'Operation Volhov'. The detainees boasted that Russia had offered 10,000 soldiers to Carles Puigdemont to turn Catalonia into a 'Switzerland'

  • Profile Victor Terradellas, Carles Puigdemont's connection with the 'Russian plot'


Russian Embassy in Spain on

Wednesday scoffed at reports that Russia allegedly offered former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont 10,000 soldiers in the fall of 2017 and pay all the Catalan debt if it declared independence.

Specifically, it refers to the investigation of the head of the

Court of Instruction 1 of Barcelona

, which this Wednesday has ordered an operation with 31 records and 21 arrested for the alleged diversion of funds to the independence process.

In the order of entry and registration of the operation, consulted by Europa Press, the judge points to that information based on two audio files of conversations intervened on the mobile of the president of the

Catmón Foundation


Víctor Terradellas

, investigated in the case previously, with former ERC leader

Xavier Vendrell

and former CDC officer and right-hand man of Artur Mas

David Madí

, both arrested this Wednesday.

According to the judge's order, Terradellas explained to Vendrell that a head of a Russian group had offered Carles Puigdemont on October 24, 2017 "to have 10,000 soldiers and pay all the Catalan debt, but that the former president

is going to shit you fit them

", and that the Russian group wanted to make


a country like



"Transported by 'Mosca' and 'Chato' planes"

After this information, the Russian Embassy in Spain, through the verified

Twitter account

, has made fun of it and has ironic about its conspiracy tone, which has generated a large number of comments and jokes on the part of the users of the cited social network.

"The information is incomplete. It is necessary to add two zeros to the number of soldiers," said the Russian Embassy in Spain in a message posted on social networks.

Along the same lines of mockery, he adds that "the most shocking" of the entire conspiracy is also missing: "The troops should be transported by 'Mosca' and 'Chato' planes assembled in Catalonia during the Civil War and hidden in a safe place in the Catalan Sierra until receiving through these publications the encrypted order to act ".

The Russian ambassador to Spain,

Yuri Korchagin

, has publicly complained on several occasions about some information that linked aspects of the


with Russia and this time the Embassy has responded with this mockery.

Cachondeo in the networks

The responses to the Russian joke have not been long in coming.

'Operation Volhov'

The name with which the Civil Guard has baptized its operation against the Catalan independence movement is not without irony:

'Operation Volhov'


This is the first battle in which the

Blue Division


in the

Second World War

, which took place in Russia and the date

of Columbus Day

in 1941. Interestingly, and despite the harsh weather conditions, it was a victory for Spanish soldiers.

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'Procés' Víctor Terradellas, Carles Puigdemont's connection with the 'Russian plot'

The detainees boasted that Russia had offered 10,000 soldiers to Carles Puigdemont to turn Catalonia into a 'Switzerland'

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