After the divorce, the court found innocent at the first trial to the representative of the support group, who was handed over to the trial after revealing the identity of the parents who did not pay child support.

Some of the postings contained false facts, but I heard it because it emphasized the need to pay child support, not for slander.

This is reporter Jo Yoon-ha.

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is an internet site that reveals the identity of parents who did not pay child support to their former spouse after divorce.

In June of last year, Mr. Min-seo Kang, CEO of the parenting support group, was accused of defamation after being accused of including some false facts while revealing the identity of Mr. A who did not pay child support.

The prosecution briefly prosecuted a fine of 1 million won, but Kang filed for a formal trial and the first trial court sentenced him to acquittal today (29th).

Although some of the posted articles were false, the court judged that "when we reviewed the submitted data and the judgment that ordered the payment of child support, it would have been difficult to recognize Kang's post as false."

He added, "The post only emphasized the need to pay child support, and did not include anger or personal feelings toward Mr. A."

It is the purpose that defamation is not established as it does not appear to have been intentionally posted despite knowing that it is false.

[Kang Min-seo/CEO of Child Support Resolution Group: It seems to be grateful that the court admitted that the purpose of solving child support expenses was not the purpose of slander.]

The court drew a line that the ruling did not determine whether the disclosure was legal, but Kang said it would continue to disclose the personal information.

[Kang Min-seo/CEO of Child Support Resolution Group: If you need help solving child support, I will proceed without fear of suing or accusation.]

Rather than solving the problem as a temporary measure through personal information disclosure, the state first pays child support and makes a claim to the obligor. There is a strong voice that fundamental measures, including the payment system, must be prepared.

(Video coverage: Seol Min-hwan and Choi Choi Woong, video editing: Jeong Seong-hun, CG: Lee Jong-jung)