Recently, karaoke facilities and game consoles were installed in Jeonju Prison, causing controversy over the pros and cons.

There is an opinion that this is possible in terms of'inmates' human rights', but criticisms of'excessive consideration' are also high.

This is JTV reporter Geum-dong Na.


An inmate is singing a song with a karaoke machine in the prison.

The mental and physical healing room, built by Jeonju Prison, costing tens of millions of dollars to relieve the stress of inmates, has three karaoke rooms, two game consoles, and a counseling room.

Over this, the opinion that it is excessive consideration for the person who has committed the crime and the claim that it is possible to respect the human rights of inmates are confronting.

[Citizen: It would be better if it was used for things like edification or education as a cost for it.

I think that the purpose of the prison is to be properly educated and edified there rather than to enjoy them there.]

[Chae Min/Jeonju, Secretary General of the Peace Wine Human Rights Alliance: The establishment of various facilities for prisoners within the correctional facilities is at the level of correctional administration. I think

this is


In the midst of this, a petition for the Blue House to close the facility immediately came up.

The petitioner said that prisons should be harsh places for criminals, and asked whether the human rights of those who harmed their families should also be protected.

As the controversy grew, Jeonju Prison explained that the mental and physical healing room was planned to be used with a limited number of long-term and depressed prisoners.

(Video coverage: Yoo Ji-young JTV)