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Instagram no longer wants to be accused of prudishness.

After several campaigns accusing him of indiscriminate censorship, the social network announced on Tuesday that it would update its nudity policy.

His decision will notably concern the breast shots, in reaction to the campaign of a British plus size model, Nyome Nicholas-Williams, who accused his rules of being discriminatory.

"We made mistakes"

"We do not allow compressing the breasts because it is often associated with pornographic content, but we know that we made mistakes in the way it was applied, especially with regard to the community. plus size, ”regretted an Instagram spokesperson.

The rules of the platform prohibit in particular "close-ups of fully exposed buttocks" and "exposed female nipples", but in several cases, moderation has removed photos of naked women showing their curves and bulges or covering their breasts .

With the new update, content in which a person hugs or simply holds their chest will be allowed.

“Hopefully this policy change will end censorship of black and fat bodies,” Nyome Nicholas-Williams wrote on Instagram.

The initiative was also welcomed by the DJ Leslie Barbara Butch, whose front page photo of the French magazine


on grossophobia had been censored by the social network.

"This rule has finally jumped" and will be "really in place from Wednesday," she said in a post on the platform.

And, as a challenge, she adds: "And if suddenly we launched a lil (sic) challenge to verify" that the social network complies well?

To be continued…

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