The GamePass should land on iPhone and Smart TV in 2021 -


Already available on Xbox, PC and Android, the GamePass subscription gaming platform could land in a few months on other media.

Microsoft has already confirmed that it plans to launch its service on iOS with or without Apple's agreement.

The IT giant intends to circumvent the absurd rules put in place by Apple on its application store by offering to access its platform on iOS via the Safari browser.

The user will just have to connect to a site to launch the Gamepass on his smartphone.

In an interview, Phil Spencer, the boss of the Xbox division, also confirmed Microsoft's intention to offer its platform on Smart TVs through an HDMI stick, similar to the Chromecast, which would allow playing games. Xbox games on your TV without owning a console.

"I think you will find more affordable hardware in our ecosystem, such as streaming sticks, which connect to a television," explains the boss of the division.

A small revolution

To play, you just need to be equipped with an Xbox controller, an Xbox HDMI stick and be the owner of a Gamepass account.

The American giant is currently trying to revolutionize the economic model of gaming with a subscription platform that allows players to explore a catalog of more than 100 games, including the latest exclusives of the platform without having to own a Xbox console since the service is accessible in the cloud and games can be streamed directly to a smartphone.


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