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Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Kun-hee's fake letter was on the list.

Yesterday (26th), a post called'The Last Letter Left by Chairman Lee Kun-hee' spread to the online community and Kakao Talk.

The letter says that even if you have money and power, do not be proud, but if you are not rich, you will be satisfied with the trivial things.

Following that, there is a mixed lament that if you are not healthy, your fortune is useless, but this letter was a fake.

As the content of the article spread, Samsung dismissed that the article was not written by Chairman Lee, saying that it was circulated online even when Chairman Lee was sick.

It is said that the letter was found to be fake even a year ago, as it appeared in online communities.

The quote that Chairman Lee left behind is ``10 Ways to Get Rich,'' which has also been spread online since the early 2000s.


Tottenham's Son Heung-min also climbed the rankings.

This early morning, Tottenham in the English Premier League played an away game against Burnley.

Son Heung-min, who is the top scorer by scoring 7 goals in the league alone, is challenging the 8th goal in the league and the 10th goal in the season as a starter.

The results of Tottenham and Burnley will be delivered in detail later in Power Sports.