Recently, I've been telling you about electric kickboard accidents.

Yesterday (24th) night, two high school students who were riding an electric kickboard without a license were hit by a taxi at an intersection and were seriously injured.

As I have already told you many times, from December, the easing laws related to electric kickboards will be enforced, and concerns are growing whether this will be the case.

This is reporter Jo Yoon-ha.

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electric kickboard proceeds to the intersection without slowing down and hits the taxi that appeared on the right.

At around 9:10 the night before, two high school students riding an electric kickboard on a road in Gyeyang-gu, Incheon, crashed into a taxi and were seriously injured.

[Witness: I heard a roaring'bang', so I looked back in a hurry and two young people scattered across the street at the crosswalk...


Of the two people who were transferred to a nearby hospital, one was reported in critical condition.

The scene of the accident.

At the time, the kickboard collided with a taxi that was going straight at the intersection, but both people on the kickboard were not wearing hard hats.

They were all unlicensed, and there were two people on one kickboard.

Currently, there are safety rules from companies that say that two people do not ride together, but there are no other regulations.

The mandatory rules that prohibit more than one person on the electric kickboard will take effect on December 10th.

Under the new road traffic law, starting from December, 13 years of age or older can rent an electric kickboard without a license and use the bike path.

There are regulations that require the wearing of protective equipment such as helmets, but some point out that there is no enforcement force due to the absence of the penalty provision.

[Jeon Jeho/Samsung Traffic Safety Research Institute Principal Researcher: Electric kickboard users must wear a hard hat in the future.

However, since there is no penalty for not wearing a hard hat, it will be difficult to spread the culture of wearing a hard hat...


There were 886 traffic accidents related to electric kickboards that occurred in the first half of this year, 2.6 times higher than last year.

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