Many French structures were victims of cyber attacks and spamming on Sunday.

This wave of attacks in disfigurement comes as calls for a boycott are pouring in against France, especially from Turkey, in a very tense diplomatic context.

A large-scale cyberattack has affected many French websites since Sunday.

It is the government itself which announced it, via the Twitter account "Cybervictimes": "Wave of #cyberattaques en # disfigurement in progress targeting many French Internet sites."

In web language, this is an attempt to change the appearance of pages.

Automatic hate messages 

At least several dozen sites, mostly little known to the general public, have been hacked.

This concerns, for example, the site of the Regional Technical Center for Visual Impairment, on which a photo of Emmanuel Macron dressed as a pig was published.

[# ALERTE # Cybersecurity] Wave of #cyberattaques in # disfigurement in progress targeting many French Internet sites.

All the advice from to face it on:

cc @ Interieur_Gouv @ justice_gouv @ ANSSI_FR

- (@cybervictimes) October 25, 2020

Some much better known structures are also victims, such as TF1, on Facebook, where hateful messages against France and the policy of the President of the Republic have been published.

These are violent messages, but they seem to be generated by automatons, "bots".

Brigitte Macron highly discussed

Little is currently known about these hackers who present themselves as Bangladeshi Muslims.

These hacks come a few hours after tweets from President Macron in Arabic, casting doubt on a possible hack of his account.

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Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron are directly targeted by these attacks on social networks.

The first lady, though not the victim of a hack, was much discussed last night on social media after a video from a Middle Eastern YouTuber comparing her to a dog.

These attacks occur in a tense diplomatic climate between France and Turkey.