Facebook is going to offer games that can be played without players having to download them.

It concerns a number of games that will be available in internet browsers and in the Facebook app for Android smartphones.

Owners of an iPhone cannot play the games yet.

The social medium includes the racing game

Asphalt 9: Legends

, the adventure game

Mobile Legends: Adventure

- which continues even when the player is not active - and the fantasy puzzle game

Solitaire: Arthur's Tale


Playing from the cloud is nothing new.

Companies such as Google, Microsoft and chipmaker NVIDIA are also betting on it.

With Stadia, xCloud and GeForce NOW, the tech giants want to offer games that can basically be played on any device with a screen.

However, Facebook makes it clear that it does not want to offer a separate cloud gaming service.

“All cloud games are playable the same way you play games on Facebook right now - in our Gaming tab or the news feed,” Facebook CEO Andy Rubin wrote in an article about the announcement of the service.

Facebook tells




that it is uncertain whether cloud gaming will also be available on iPhones.

"Apple treats games differently and continues to control a very valuable resource," the company said.

It refers to Apple rules that state that game streaming is only allowed if each game has its own app.

That is against the wishes of other companies: they want one platform to offer multiple games, without having to download them separately.