Lee Chun-jae, who was adopted as a witness for the retrial of Lee Chun-jae's 8th serial murder case, which caused the'real criminal controversy', is scheduled to appear in court on the following Monday, November 2, but it seems difficult to take pictures due to the court's refusal to shoot. .

The 12th Criminal Division of the Suwon District Law (Deputy Judge Park Jeong-je), who was in charge of the reconsideration of the case, said today (26th) that the media's request for photographing and video recording of Lee Chun-jae was "will not be allowed".

The Court Organization Act is necessary for the public interest, or if the accused consents, it may permit filming in the court before the commencement of the trial or at the time of judgment.

However, the court denied filming that Lee Chun-jae was merely a witness, not a defendant.

Since it is common for witnesses to come out from the auditorium, etc., when the judge calls their name after the trial begins, it means that filming is virtually impossible according to the regulations that permit filming before the trial begins.

It has been reported that there was also an opinion inside the court that it was inappropriate to have a witness, Lee Chun-jae, sit in the witness seat in advance to take a picture.

The judge said, "Lee Chun-jae attends the court as a witness, not as a defendant," and said, "Witnesses will appear in the stand of witnesses after the trial begins. Due to related regulations, filming cannot be permitted, and it is not appropriate in terms of maintaining order."

There was high expectation that Lee Chun-jae, who had been thoroughly veiled for more than 30 years after committing a serial murder case that terrorized the whole country in the 1980s, will be released to the public through trial for the first time. Became difficult.

A media reporter said, "It is suspicious that it is the'real culprit' of the case that has been left unprecedented for more than 30 years, and the public interest is high, and it is a situation where the personal information has already been disclosed. "I want the court to reconsider."