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they wear masks for a long time these days, more and more people visit the hospital because of their bad breath.

Medical reporter Cho Dong-chan will tell you what is the cause of bad breath and what parts to care about.


One in four Koreans visited the hospital because of the bad breath that they felt, and Kim Mo, in her 20s, recently felt while wearing a mask.

[Hospital treatment with bad breath: Other people say that they don't feel it, but there was something that only I felt sensitive.]

Analyzing the inside of the mouth, the concentration of hydrogen sulfide that causes the smell of rotting eggs is 1.8 nanograms, and the concentration of methyl mercaptan that smells like garlic is 1.3 nanograms, respectively, crossed the odor-causing line.

When I looked inside my throat with an endoscope, it was caused by a yellow stone on the inside of the tonsils and a tonsil stone.

[Jong-Ik Lee/Otolaryngology Specialist: When the bacteria in the mouth cause a chemical reaction while food waste and the cut off epithelial cells are clustered, many sulfur compounds that cause bad breath are produced as well.]

Tonsil stones can be prevented by cleaning the mouth


If the tonsil is large, surgery should be considered.

This time, we analyzed the bad breath of men in their 30s and 60s who have no specific oral problems.

Men in their 30s had a hydrogen sulfide concentration of 2.99, which was nearly twice the odor-causing standard, but men in their 60s were in the normal range.

[Park Byung-sang (61 years old)/No bad breath component: I brush my teeth after meals, and I gargle once before going to bed.] After having a

30-year-old man rinse his teeth and throat and measure again, the hydrogen sulfide concentration decreased to 2.44.

If you have oral diseases such as periodontitis or tartar, you must first seek treatment, and you can prevent bad breath by keeping your mouth dry while not leaving food debris.

(Video coverage: Park Dae-young, video editing: Kim Ho-jin)