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Less than a month to go until the launch of PS5, Sony's next-generation console.

It is a moment of vertigo for many players: how will the console work, what games will be the best, what changes will there be with respect to the PS4 ... So, perhaps, it is convenient to look back.

For example, remembering the iconic television commercials Sony has produced to publicize each of its five great game consoles.

Since the original PlayStation, an almost total unknown in the market at that time;

Until PlayStation 5, which inherits a leadership position from PS4 in the Spanish market, many things have changed.

Chris Cunningham and the first PlayStation

We have already told the story of the birth of PlayStation as a console: everything is 'fault' of Nintendo's stubbornness.

What was to be a complement to the Super Nintendo ended up becoming a very advanced device that would dominate the market in a few years.

The strange circumstances of his birth may have inspired the very strange, but now legendary, television commercials for the first PlayStation.

Or maybe it's all a thing of the legendary Chris Cunningham, who they counted on for Mental Richness, their 1999 ad. From making video clips for Aphex Twin, Maddona or Björk to making Fifi known to the world.

This alien sent a very general message about the experience that video games offer in the face of the mundane of daily life.

Not a single PlayStation appeared, beyond the logo at the end, but its impact was enormous.

Over the years, it has become a symbol of the rebellious and more hooligan attitude of PlayStation in its first moments.

In 2000, Sony launched a new campaign for PlayStation featuring another much-remembered ad, Double Life.

His message was less cryptic: it doesn't matter who you are, that when you play a video game you will be transported to a world where everyone fits.

Exceed the limits of everyday life.

In perspective, it is a very contemporary message insofar as it speaks of inclusion and that all people can share the same form of leisure.

Video games have been harshly criticized in recent times for the topics discussed, which can sometimes become macho and retrograde.

PS2 and exponential growth

Sony repeated the formula for the first commercial debut of PS2, its new game console.

This time, David Lynch was at the helm of the shoot and produced an ad that could well have come straight out of one of his films.

'Welcome to the Third Space' is, along with Mental Wealth, one of the most iconic ads on PlayStation.

The Japanese opted for a much more melodious and classic voice in their next ad.

Shirley Temple sings 'De Gospel Train' as a huge group of people fight to be the kings of the hill.

Or de la Montaña, which is the name of this spot from 2003.

The metaphor seems clear: although there were still years for online gaming to become what it was, competition between players was already a crucial part of the spirit of video games and would soon make the leap to the Internet.

The PS2 is one of the first game consoles in the world to allow you to use a modem to connect online and compete against other players.

The spectacularity and violence contained in this ad are nothing when compared to the next line of advertising from the Japanese company.

Battlefield, 2004 ad, plunges players headlong into a bloody war to ... show off a tennis game: Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2.

This was the first time that Sony produced such a large and expensive ad to promote a single game, especially since it had the collaboration of Juan Carlos Ferrero, a Spanish tennis player who also illustrated the cover of the game.

PS3 take command

It would not be the last time that we would see a national sports figure collaborating with PlayStation to promote the brand.

Pau Gasol, in 2010, would star in one of the first advertisements made in Spain for PlayStation 3, the third of his line.

In 'Enemigo Mío', Gasol does not play basketball, but suffers the emotions and pressure that one feels when facing others online.

Gasol was not the only Spanish athlete that PlayStation Spain turned to to promote its new game console.

A very young Fernando Alonso ends up going around like a madman and possessed by the PS3 Sixaxis controller, which had motion sensors.

Despite the use of familiar faces, Sony continued to make some of its cryptic ads, because it was already an identity brand, to show the world its PS3.

And what is more disturbing than a cocoon doll?

The creature almost seems possessed by the PlayStation 3, which could pass through the almighty black slab from Odyssey in Space.

PlayStation was already more than established as a brand and it was possible to allow an ad in which its own characters would simply call the players to action.

Kratos, Snake, Nathan Drake, Cole MacGrath, Sackboy, ... these and many more appear more human than ever in the 'Long Live Play' commercial.

The arrival of PS4 and the future to come

The world of video games has changed a lot in the last 25 years, which are what PlayStation has as a family of video games.

With the launch of the PS4, Sony began to bet on the idea that there is a lifestyle associated with its product, and this is how the ad 'It's a perfect day' let it be seen.

Full of irony and with a fantastic version of the song 'Perfect Day' by Lou Reed, some of the first video games available for PS4 are shown, back in 2013. Once again, the idea that everyone who is immersed in their virtual worlds are the same.

Another major PlayStation announcement dates from a couple of years later.

'The wonderful life of a PS4 gamer' is all about that, the mix of virtual characters and the day-to-day life of a player.

Almost by way of farewell, Sony released another announcement in November 2019 about the most important games on its PS4, from Uncharted 4 to God of War, without forgetting The Last of Us II or Spider-Man.

A farewell to a video game console that would still launch two of its most important titles in 2020.

And PS5 arrived

A few weeks after the launch of PS5, Sony already launched the first commercial for the console.

'The Edge' is a clear allegory of exploration and of what is to come with the new game console.

There are no great games to show yet, no great experiences to hint at ... but there is promise for those who make the leap.

PlayStation 5 launches in Spain on November 19, somewhat later than in other regions.

It will come with titles like Demon's Souls or Spider-Man: Miles Morales under his arm and will have two versions: a digital one for 399 euros for those who do not want games on disk;

and a more traditional PS5 with a disc reader for 499 euros, for those who do want to bet on the physical format.

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