Find love through Facebook Dating, experience adventures in the readable game


and take beautiful pictures with your iPhone thanks to Halide Mark II.

These are the apps of the week.

Halide Mark II

The Dutch maker of Specter, named by Apple as the best photo app for the iPhone in 2019, has created a new app: Halide Mark II.

This app follows the first version of Halide (from 2017).

Just like in that app, you can adjust the shutter speed, depth of field and exposure of snapshots.

It is also possible to photograph in RAW format.

This format stores more information about the photo so that users can edit the image in depth.

The app is sold in a subscription form for 10.99 euros per year.

You can also tap Halide Mark II in one go: that will cost you 32.99 euros.

People who bought the first version of Halide can use Mark II for free.

Download Halide Mark II for iOS (10.99 euros per month or 32.99 euros once)

Facebook Dating

From this week you can find love via Facebook.

The social network released its alternative to the popular dating app Tinder in the Netherlands.

Facebook Dating tries to match you with singles based on shared interests, hobbies, groups and events.

After you create an account, you will be presented with other Facebook users who may be right for you.

If they also like you, you can chat with each other and make (video) calls.

Facebook Dating basically does the same as all other dating apps, but has some unique features up its sleeve, including Secret Crush.

Here you can go through your list of Instagram followers and / or Facebook friends and indicate who you secretly have a crush on.

If the person likes you too, you will find out from each other and nothing will stand in the way of the blooming love.

Download Facebook for Android or iOS (Free)


"A readable game, a playable story."

This is how the new literary game

Unmemory describes


You 'play' the game by reading carefully and solving puzzles.

Moreover, open your ears well to the musical effects, because they also sometimes give away clues to the plot.


has a


solid story in which you try to track down your girlfriend's murderer.

As in


, a popular 2000 film starring Christopher Nolan, the protagonist suffers from severe amnesia.

To still solve the mystery, you have to be creative with notes, audio recordings and photos.

Download Unmemory for Android (6.99 euros) or iOS (4.99 euros)


Watch the Unmemory trailer here