As the economy contracts due to Corona 19, the lives of young people as well as retirees are getting worse.

The number of people in their 50s or older who received unemployment benefits this year has increased by 40% compared to last year.

However, only 1 in 10 retirees are said to be ready for retirement.

Kang Chan-young retired after working for a large company for 27 years and then rising to the executive position.

Since then, he has tried re-employment dozens of times, but the reality is not easy.

Kang, who is currently sorting at a parcel service company, is receiving a monthly salary that has been reduced to a tenth, but he plans to continue working until the national pension comes out.

Sohn Ho-kyung, who suffered from depression for a while after retirement and suffering a disconnection between income and relationships.

I looked for a job, but I couldn't find anything to do consistently, so I finally broke up my severance pay and set up a laundromat.

Another man in his 60s, in his 3rd year of retirement, is working in parallel with blueberry farming and apartment management.

He returned to farm after retirement from the manager, but was forced to play so-called'two jobs' because of the income of about 1 million won a month.

Six out of ten retirees are said to be having difficulty with living expenses.

However, the success rate of re-employment is less than half, and even after re-employment, 70% of them are less than two years.

Experts argue that it is the reality in Korea that individuals should be fully responsible for their lives even after retirement, and emphasize that the government should actively support retirees in consideration of changes in the demographic structure in the age of low birthrate and aging.

This week's <News Story> will examine the lives of retirees in the'Corona Era' and the status of their retirement preparations, and highlight the policy support they need.