<Anchor> The

government has put its position on keeping the controversial flu vaccine.

A committee of doctors and drug experts reviewed it, and it was determined that there were no cases that could be considered as'dead because of being vaccinated'.

I also saw that the epidemic of corona and flu should be prevented.

However, the controversy seems to continue as 12 more people reported that they died after being vaccinated in one day, increasing to a total of 48.

The first news today (24th) is reporter Yoo Soo-hwan.

<Reporter> The number of

additional confirmed deaths after vaccination was 12, increasing by 2 in Gyeonggi, Jeonbuk, and Daegu, and by 1 in Seoul, Gwangju, Daejeon, Chungnam, Jeonnam and Gyeongnam.

So far, the most reported deaths were reported in Seoul and Gyeongnam, with six deaths each.

The age range of the deceased is 41 people in their 70s and older, and the elderly account for 85% of all deaths.

With soaring death reports and growing anxiety about the vaccine, health officials yesterday and today discussed whether to stop the vaccination, but the final decision was to continue.

[Eun-kyung Jung/Director of the Korea Disease Control Center: The direct causality between death and vaccination was judged to be very low.

It is not a step to consider revalidating the vaccine or halting the national vaccination program...

.] The

Vaccination Specialist Committee also recommended that the vaccination business should continue on schedule to prevent the simultaneous epidemic of COVID-19 and flu.

It is difficult to say that the death was caused by the vaccine when comprehensively judging the autopsy results and underlying diseases of the deceased.

There have been 20 autopsies conducted by the National Institute of Scientific Investigation so far. As a result of the first autopsy, 8 people died of cardiovascular disease and 2 people died of cerebrovascular disease.

The Agency for Disease Control and Prevention said that the flu epidemic level is lower than in previous years and the epidemic period is likely to be delayed, so do not rush to vaccination and to receive the vaccine on a good day.

(Video editing: Kim Jong-woo)