The government presented and launched on Thursday TousAntiCovid, a new version of its coronavirus tracking app.

Equipped with new features, it suffered from a bug preventing activation in the evening.

A problem solved and explained Friday morning by a strong rebound in the number of downloads: + 20% in one day.

That's a notable thrill: TousAntiCovid, the new version of the StopCovid tracking app, registered 530,000 new users on Thursday, the day it launched.

That is to say an increase of 20% in 24 hours, a dynamic more observed since the launch of this tool.

An encouraging rebound for a tool much criticized for its low penetration in the population with only 2.7 million downloads until Thursday.

TousAntiCovid now has 3.3 million registered users.

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When it was launched on June 2, StopCovid had a slightly higher appeal with around 600,000 downloads in one day.

But once the curiosity effect passed, the numbers never took off, barely reaching two million users at the end of the summer.

Will it be the same for this version 2.0?

We will have to watch the trend in the coming days.

A simplified count because TousAntiCovid now publishes the number of users in the application.

The government is betting on TousAntiCovid 

In any case, this is a hope for the government, which is relying heavily on its tracing application to fight the epidemic.

After the presentation of the presentation of the new features on Thursday evening, TousAntiCovid experienced a bug for several hours.

For many people, it was not possible to activate bluetooth tracing for several hours.

The fault, according to Secretary of State for Digital Cédric O, has "very (too) many simultaneous activation attempts".

Late in the evening the problem was resolved.

A "craze" to put into perspective all the same: the French application is still pale next to its British neighbors (16 million downloads) and German (18 million).

In an attempt to raise the bar, the government has enriched TousAntiCovid with several features, including a monitoring table of key figures for the coronavirus epidemic, a link to a map of testing centers near home and a personalized questionnaire in cases of doubt about the symptoms of the disease or the attitude to adopt in the presence of a group of people.