<Anchor> The number

of people who died after being vaccinated against the flu increased to 36 by yesterday (23rd), dying within an hour after getting the vaccine.

Health authorities analyzed more than 20 of the deaths, saying that there were other reasons, such as cardiovascular disease, and that the association between vaccination and death was low.

The first news, reporter Jeong Gu-hee.

<Reporter> On

the 19th at around 11:40 am, an eighty-year-old woman at an internal medicine clinic in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, suddenly fell down after getting the flu vaccine.

The woman, who had already had cardiac arrest when the paramedics were dispatched, was taken to hospital, but died.

The time to confirm death is 12:41, only 1 hour after vaccination.

[Seongnam City Officer: According to the (hospital) staff who received it (at the time of vaccination), there was no specific matter.

When he returned home after treatment, he lost consciousness and collapsed.] The Korea

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) released the results of an analysis of 26 deaths counted up to the 22nd.

The cause of death and vaccination were analyzed to be very low.

As a result of the autopsy, 8 people died of cardiovascular disease, 2 were cerebrovascular disease, and the other 3 were due to different reasons from vaccination.

In addition, among the deaths who did not undergo an autopsy, three were classified as sick and one as suffocating, and they died for different reasons than vaccination.

Of the 26, 17 have been identified as the cause of death.

The remaining nine cases are under further investigation, and the Agency for the disease judges that all 26 patients have very little relevance to vaccination, considering the possibility of death from other underlying diseases.

As of 1:00 pm yesterday, the number of deaths has risen to 36, and the Agency for Disease Control and Prevention is also investigating the cause of the deaths of those newly reported.