"There is no relationship with all killed 26 people results flu vaccine"

, "13 said of the deaths not related to the sign ... vaccination, such as cardiovascular, cerebrovascular,"

"Four of the deaths we do not gotta check with the disease four, suffocated autopsy"

"Today ( 23rd) Registered 14.27 million


vaccinations…941 million free vaccinations"

"70% of children-35% pregnant women-50% of adolescents-40% of the elderly

" …Allergy·Fever, etc.”

“A total of 98 adverse reactions related to exposure to room temperature and white particle vaccine…Mostly mild”

“30 out of 36 people who died after vaccination against the flu were over 60

” Situation"

"Considering the risk of simultaneous coronavirus and flu epidemic, vaccination should continue"

(SBS New Media Department)