I told you yesterday (22) that an aide of Kim Bong-hyun, a key figure in the Lime crisis, reported to us that he had lobbyed passport politicians in March.

However, at today's trial, testimony came out that Mr. Bong-Hyun Kim ordered a report at the time saying that media attention should be turned away.

Kim Bong-Hyun's claim that the alleged passport lobby was falsely stated due to the prosecution's coercive investigation was shaken again.

This is Kang Cheong-wan.


Kim Mo Suwon, an aide who is classified as a close friend of Kim Bong-hyun, appeared as a witness in the trial of the former Democratic Party's regional chairman Lee Sang-ho, who was accused of receiving political funds from Kim.

Kim testified that Bong-Hyun Kim ordered a question about how the former chairman Lee's photos taken at an entertainment bar were distributed to the media.

In April 2018, with the introduction of Kim Bong-hyun, we met with former Chairman Lee and took a picture while drinking at the room salon. They reported the situation in the personnel lobby and instructed the media to divert attention.

Since then, Mr. Kim reported that he reported to the media through another close friend of Mr. Kim Bong-Hyun and also through Mr. Park Mo, who served as the vice president of the Veterans Association.

However, Park was the same person SBS reported yesterday that he approached the reporters immediately after the Lime report in March and reported the situation in the passport lobby.

[Mr. Park/Vice President of the Hyanggun Mutual Inquiry (Last March 19): I think it's from there, President Kim's side.

(Ah, Kim Bong-hyun's side?) Yes.

Well, isn't there another sauce on the side of Chairman Kim?

Then, would you please give me an email (address)?)]

Afterwards, Park sent the details of the lobbying of passport personnel, including former regional chairman Ki-jeong Kang, and Democratic Party lawmaker Lee Dong-min, through email, which is consistent with Kim's testimony in court. .

The credibility of Kim Bong-Hyun's claim that he misrepresented the allegations of lobbying passport personnel due to the prosecution's coercive investigation has been shaken once again.

In the midst of this, Minister Choo Mi-ae appointed Lee Jeong-soo, chief prosecutor of the Seoul South District Prosecutors' Office, to replace Seoul Southern District Prosecutor's Office, Park Soon-cheol, who expressed his gratitude yesterday.

(Video coverage: Yang Doo-won, video editing: Yumira)