The number of new corona19 daily confirmed cases in Korea, which had maintained double digits for a while, again today (22nd) surpassed 100.

Kim Gye-jo, the 2nd General Coordinator of the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters (the 2nd Vice Minister of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security) said in a speech at both the main script meeting held this morning, "The number of domestic confirmed patients recorded double digits even after adjusting the social distancing to the first stage on the 12th. There were more than 100 people,” he said.

It has been a week since the last 15 days (110) that the number of new confirmed cases per day exceeded 100.

2nd General Coordinator Kim said, "Group infections are continuing at several local nursing hospitals and elderly day care centers every few days," he said. "Coronavirus grows in a vigilant place, so don't feel safe or optimistic and follow quarantine measures such as wearing a mask. I hope you keep it well."

The script also called on the people to cooperate, saying that it is taking social distancing according to the situation and environment of each local government, taking into account the differences in infection risk by region.

The 2nd General Coordinator Kim said, "The areas where group infections, such as Busan and Daejeon, have been treated at a similar level to the metropolitan area, and even for the same public facilities, advance reservations and restrictions on the number of users are implemented in the most appropriate form for each region. "He said, "People, please check in advance and cooperate so that there is no inconvenience in use."

He added, "When a group infection occurs, secondary and tertiary infections continue to the family and workplace and spread to another group infection." He added that we will closely check the current status of quarantine in the field of education and vocational skills and training.”

(Photo = Yonhap News)