A man in his 60s in Jeju died after being vaccinated against influenza (flu), and the Jeju-do health authorities started an epidemiological investigation.

It is the fourth suspected vaccination death nationwide.

Jeju Island announced on the 21st that A (68) resident in the province was confirmed to have died after being vaccinated against the flu.

Mr. A is eligible for national free vaccinations for people aged 65 or older.

Mr. A visited a private medical institution in Jeju City at 9 am on the 19th to get a free flu vaccine.

Afterwards, at 11:57 pm on the 20th, his health had deteriorated, and he was transferred to the hospital through the 119th paramedic, but died.

The time of death was not specified, but death was notified to the police at 1:17 am on the 21st.

Provincial health authorities have initiated an epidemiological investigation to find out if there is a clear link between death and vaccination, considering that Mr. A had an underlying disease such as high blood pressure.

Jeju Provincial Governor Won Hee-ryong said, "I know that the deceased is a person with very high blood pressure."