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were 91 new cases of Corona 19 in Korea that were announced yesterday (21st), of which 57 were domestically infected.

As one lecturer was confirmed confirmed in a school district in Daechi-dong, Seoul, the test takers and their parents who are 40 days ahead of the SAT are greatly anxious.

Reporter Han Ji-yeon on the report.

<Reporter> This

is a screening clinic in front of a community center in Gangnam, Seoul.

On the 19th, when one instructor was confirmed at an entrance examination academy in Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu entered the corona19 full test from yesterday on 25,000 academy instructors working at 3,75 locations, including academies and training centers in the building.

[Instructor at academy who came to be tested: (asymptomatic) If the confirmed cases were hidden, it would be better to open it, but I just came with a cooperate mind.] The

test will be conducted in turn until the end of next month.

[Academic officials: It all varies by date.

The instructors go to the test.

So we start on Friday.

That's why I have to do it all.] The

most anxious thing is the college entrance exam students who have completed the SAT more than 40 days ahead.

[High School 3: (How many academies do you go to?) 5 tutoring.

Because it's a large lecture, it's a bit close (intervals), so it's true that if one person comes out, it will all take place.

There are some things that are scary.]

All 60 people who came into contact with the instructor who were confirmed confirmed were negative, but as a result of the total investigation, additional confirmed cases may appear, so the anxiety does not go away.