You might be wondering if this happened before


, but 25 people have been reported to have died after getting the flu vaccine.

Authorities say most of the deaths were found to have had the disease they had originally suffered from, and only one was found to have had adverse reactions to the vaccine.

The authorities explained today (21st) that there is a possibility that severe shock may have occurred in two of the recently killed, and reporter Nam Joo-hyun will explain in detail what this means.


The two people who saw that the possibility of anaphylaxis could not be ruled out by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's vaccination damage investigation team were in a shorter period of time from vaccination to death compared to other deaths.

One died two and a half hours after vaccination, and a man in his 70s who died in Daegu 12 hours later.

The other deaths, on the other hand, died more than 17 hours after vaccination and up to 51 hours.

Whether they really died from a severe shock called'anaphylaxis' is expected to be confirmed through an autopsy.

[Kim Joong-gon/Director of Vaccination Damage Investigation Team at the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: We will carefully monitor pathological findings that correspond to acute hypersensitivity reactions, especially whether these are in the lungs.]

Anaphylaxis and Guillains as severe adverse reactions after influenza vaccination include anaphylaxis and Guillain. -If you have Barre's syndrome, but have difficulty breathing after vaccination, swollen eyes and mouth, or severe dizziness, you should suspect anaphylaxis.

Since vaccination medical institutions have injections for emergency treatment, it is recommended to stay at the hospital for at least 15 minutes after vaccination to monitor the condition.

[Kim Ji-ho/Specialist in Family Medicine: Difficulty breathing could be a problem.

If not treated quickly, it is a very dangerous complication that can lead to death.]

Anaphylaxis usually shows symptoms within 4 hours after vaccination, but there are cases in Korea that appear 12 hours after vaccination and are hospitalized in the intensive care unit. It is necessary to monitor the condition.

(Video editing: Seung-yeol Lee, VJ: So-young Shin)