Michel Sardou in Nice, May 5, 2011. -


While it has been circulating for several years on the Internet, a long and false quote attributed to Michel Sardou has resurfaced on the Internet since Monday, three days after the attack which targeted a professor in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine.

Beginning with “I am Islam, I don't care about it”, the xenophobic diatribe attacks “allogeneic cultures”.


Michel Sardou strongly condemned these writings in 2015, while they were circulating in the form of a letter he would have written to François Hollande.

"It is obvious that the" letter "published on social networks and addressed to François Hollande is a fake", had then underlined representatives of the singer and actor on his official Facebook page.

“It's identity theft.


With Franceinfo, Michel Sardou declared himself "stunned, collapsed, on the ass" after the publication of this text.

“I am everything except what they say!

I have never been a racist in my life, nor an Islamophobe!

It's worse than an insult or a slap, ”he said.

A complaint had been lodged with the Paris police headquarters, his press officer at

Le Monde said


Before being attributed to Michel Sardou, this text had been circulating since at least 2010 on Quebec blogs, as Arrested on images had spotted.


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