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The new Netflix surprise is' Hacia el lago (To The Lake) ', which is reminiscent of' The Walking Dead 'and '28 days later' and in which a pandemic causes the confinement of cities and generates an outbreak of uncontrollable violence

The genius of terror quoted her in two tweets and explained that he found it "pretty good"

The protagonists are the members of three families who seek refuge in an area near a lake while avoiding obstacles and infected people

When you watch the first few minutes of

To The Lake

, the first thought that comes to mind is "would the Russians know in 2019 what was to come in 2020?"

Of course, we are talking about the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus, since

the plot of this Netflix series whose original title is


is based on a virus

that attacks people and is transmitted through the air and the close contact between people.

In 'Towards the Lake', the authorities confine Moscow and other cities for fear of mass transmission of the virus.

This virus puts all of Russia in check and leads three families to try to save their lives in any way, in a

dangerous obstacle course reminiscent of

The Walking Dead


and the movie

28 days later


The infected people in

Towards the Lake

die (and are they resurrected? That is the mystery) after experiencing symptoms such as bloody eyes, cough and high fever.

A mix between reality and fiction that causes chills

and in which we must add, as if that were not enough, confinements of cities as large as Moscow.

With soldiers armed to the teeth and very bad fleas.


has declared himself a fan of this series is Stephen King

, who has not hesitated to include it among his list of latest discoveries.

On October 11, King wrote two tweets stating that it was "pretty good."

In that first publication, the genius of terror pointed out that "it's a plague, you see a lot of snow, the characters drink a lot of vodka" and a small spoiler that is better not to mention.

In the second he refined a little more to summarize

Towards the Lake



spaghetti western

, but with snow and Russian assassins

infected by the plague."

The first tweet that Stephen King dedicated to 'Towards the lake' on October 11.

Towards the lake

was produced in Russia in 2019 and adapts the book


, by Russian writer Yana Wágner.



saw a vein in it and paid 1.5 million euros for its rights.

The bet, very risky, seems to have gone well, since it has been placed in the first positions of the platform in just weeks.

He arrived in Spain on October 7.

Before, Brazil and Poland were the countries that discovered this series, which has led those responsible to affirm that they never thought "about the possible repercussions that it would have worldwide."

For Pável Kostomárov, the director, and the producers,

"the important thing is the relationships that are established between people

who face the threat of death and their survival instinct. Something that overcomes cultural differences."

The series, which is composed of eight chapters,

does not disappoint.

After a spectacular start, reminiscent of

The Revenant

, by Alejandro González Iñarritu, it is shown how the virus spreads rapidly in Russia while the authorities deny it and establish city closures.

Two families, neighbors of an urbanization on the outskirts of Moscow,

live oblivious to everything until they begin to feel that something is not right: the internet goes down, the military has taken control and staying home seems the best option.

The mysterious virus that the series reflects is transmitted through the air and in person-to-person contact.

Until everything starts to spiral out of control.

Sergey, the main character, lives with Anna and Misha

, her son, diagnosed with Asperger's, while he deals with his ex-wife Irina and her son.

To all of them must be added Sergey's father, a guy who handles weapons well.

On the other hand we have

the hateful Leonid, whom we see together with his pregnant girlfriend and his daughter Polina

, a teenager with a volcanic character.

All of them will start a journey in the middle of the night to leave their homes and embark on an adventure if they want to stay alive.

From there, everything

that happens to them is very reminiscent of Rick Grimes' odyssey on

The Walking Dead


With a lot of cold and snow, that's what Russia is for.

And without forgetting details of the recent history of that country, the curious character of its citizens, such as their large consumption of alcoholic beverages, and the abyss that separates rich and poor.

Some of the protagonists of the series that Netflix broadcasts.


strengths of

Towards the Lake

are its photography

, brilliant even for Stephen King, and

the soundtrack,

which seems to be 'copied' on several occasions from that of


, by Hans Zimmer and that of the aforementioned

28 days later

, by John Murphy .

According to the criteria of

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